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Matheson Trucking and its three business units have locations across the United States.

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Industry leader

offering client specialized support

and employee relationships

since 1964

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Welcome to Matheson Trucking, Inc.

We are a diversified national transportation carrier proudly serving the United States Postal Service since 1964. We offer specialized hauling, time sensitive material handling and transportation, underwing airport operations, and terminal handling services.

Matheson is a privately-held, family owned and operated company with headquarters in Sacramento, California. We manage a fleet of tractors, trailers, and aircraft ground support equipment, as well as maintenance facilities across the Western United States.

As a business partner of the United States Postal Service, Matheson is committed to their belief that “service must be reliable and convenient, and must improve continuously.” We take pride in the fact that our service is consistently at or above the 99% performance level.

Business Units

Matheson-PostalTransports mail for the United States Postal Service providing local, intermediate, long-haul, and trans-continental services.

Matheson-TransportationTransports mail for the United States Postal Service in Northern California. 

Matheson-Flight-380wSpecializes in terminal handling and ground support services for the United States Postal Service and other commercial carriers across the nation.