About Us


Our founders, Robert and his wife Carole Matheson, held strongly to three basic core values. These values have been maintained throughout the years by our leadership team and are found in the heart of our mission statement and guiding principles.

1.  Give our customers the best service possible.
2.  Take care of our people.
3.  Be safe in all we do.

Mission Statement

We at Matheson Trucking, aim to set the standard by which all highway contractor service providers are measured. We achieve this mark by providing the highest quality service possible to our customers, committing to a safe and healthy environment for all people, and an unwavering dedication to our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles focus on the importance of customers, performance, employees, and guidance.


We achieve the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction with every service encounter. We accomplish and monitor this standard by developing and maintaining meaningful long-term relationships with each customer and incorporating their feedback into our company’s goals. Our integrity is unsurpassed.


We strive for excellence in all aspects of performance. In the spirit of continuous improvement, each of us brings forth our finest efforts in our tasks and endeavors, while looking for better and more efficient ways of serving our customers, achieving our goals, and improving our performance.


We invite all people to join us. We treat our employees with the dignity and respect we wish for ourselves. We train, empower, and expect our employees to participate in the decision making process, thus allowing them to contribute to our customer satisfaction, work environment, and overall success.


We provide clear and consistent guidance and direction at all levels. Our guidance focuses on providing safe, standardized, and professional service to our customers and our people.