Matheson Values: Collaboration

We all know that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Furthermore, we also know that Rome couldn’t have been built by only one person, or even one group of people. It was built over a long period of time by many different leaders, soldiers, artisans, farmers, senators, and so on. Rome was a great empire and it took all types working together to get it to be the strongest empire in the world. The same way of thinking can and should be applied to any successful company.  


Matheson Salt Lake City

Matheson’s Partnerships

Matheson is one of the top contractors for the United States Postal Service. We operate coast to coast, ensuring that families all across the nation receive their mail on time. With a company of this size and magnitude, it would be impossible to work successfully without collaboration. Without everyone including drivers, terminal managers, material handlers, diesel technicians, maintenance staff, and corporate staff working together, the wheels would fall right off! All puns aside, in our transportation and logistics company, we understand the importance of working together and the need to not work in silos.  

Working Together

Without the maintenance department doing its job and communicating with operations and vice versa, the trucks w would not be safe to drive, the routes would not run on time or at all, and there would be little we could do to turn it around after such a catastrophe. While we can see the need for proper collaboration on a large scale, I would argue that it is the day-to-day collaboration we see on the dock between driver and material handler, material handler, and manager, etc. that really contributes to the overall success of the company and its team members. We believe that proper collaboration promotes and provides the climate for mutual respect to flourish. The truth is, you cannot have collaboration without respect, so we are happy to promote both in the workplace as some of our core values.  

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