Online Driver Resources You Didn’t Know About

Being a truck driver has its perks, but traveling on the road for hours to days at a time can be lonely, so other drivers have come together to create resources for their fellow drivers. From stories on the road to how to best get out of a ditch, these resources are made by drivers for drivers. Check out some of our favorite digital resources below.



Matheson Companies – From ‘A Day in the Life of a Matheson Driver’ to ‘Chaining up for Winter – Matheson Trucking’, check out our Youtube! 


Smart Trucking – “Welcome to SMART TRUCKING!  We’re ALL in for helping the professional truck driver! We offer a no-nonsense approach and offer…. 

– trucker tips for making a truck driving career WORK for you. 

–  brush up on CDL skills (like the ones they NEVER taught you in CDL school) 

Learn new stuff. Refresh what you already know. Understand what’s happening in the trucking industry and how it affects YOU. We’d love to have you along for the ride, so subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss a thing!” 


Happiness By The Mile – “Trucking across America on the daily. Making mistakes and recording it. A combination of trucking life vlogs and awesome trucking info for anyone looking to get into the industry, or just learn a little more. Our industry is kind of like fight club if you know what I mean.” 



We have so many Driver Tiktokers to recommend we have a whole blog post dedicated to them, check it out here! https://www.mathesoninc.com/truck-drivers-share-their-love-for-the-job-on-social-media/  



Driver Forums: 

Team Run Smart – “As a member of Team Run Smart, you’ll get advice from fellow truckers and dedicated Freightliner industry pros that you can use to become a more successful truck driver, no matter what stage of your career you’re in. Team Run Smart was launched in 2012 to provide owner-operators with a platform to share information and resources. This community includes a wealth of detailed information categorized into the following pillars: 

  • Truck Smart 
  • Business Smart 
  • Live Smart 


Truckers Report – “TruckersReport is a network of professional truck drivers connected by our trucking industry forum, which provides an independent community for drivers to share information and assist each other’s careers. Our community values respectful conduct and useful information. 

  • Our Goals: 
  • Help students and prospective drivers set realistic expectations by giving them an honest view of the profession 
  • Provide new drivers with support, information, and advice from experienced drivers 
  • Connect experienced drivers with a network of colleagues, helping them share knowledge and advance their careers 
  • Offer all of the information and resources on TruckersReport for free, at no cost to members or guests 


TruckingTruth –  “I started TruckingTruth back in January of 2007 because I wanted to help new drivers understand the trucking industry and get their career off to a great start. I loved my years in trucking, but getting started in this career is daunting to say the least. 


The trucking industry is truly a misunderstood industry. I wanted to give new drivers a true picture of what a career as a truck driver is all about and a straightforward strategy for surviving that first year of their career. 


There was a lot of finger pointing and blaming and misinformation out which I didn’t agree with at all so I wanted to set the record straight. I wanted people to know that trucking can be an awesome career for the right person and it’s totally doable if you work hard, keep a great attitude, and have a solid strategy in place.” https://www.truckingtruth.com/about_author.html  


What are your favorite truck driver resources? Let us know!