Company Driver vs. Owner-Operator: The Difference

Considering becoming a truck driver? Congratulations! Welcome to a growing and prosperous career field. 

Now the question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to be a company driver or an owner-operator?

Well, what’s the difference?

Company Driver:

Company drivers are just what they sound like, drivers that work for a company. Meaning drivers aren’t required to own or insure their own trucks or plan their routes, the company does that all for them. Usually, company drivers are hired to work a specific route, but sometimes the company will give you a different route or schedule depending on what they need or the volume they have. Working for a company is definitely more convenient for drivers, if their truck needs repairs the company will pay to fix it. Or if a driver calls out sick the company will find another driver to cover your route. The best thing about working for a company is the guarantee of regular work, dedicated routes, and regular paychecks. 


Owner-operators are driving contractors, they own their own trucks and pay for their own insurance and repairs. They bid on routes or hauls against other owner-operators from companies and decide how much work they want to do, where they want to drive, and how much money they will make. Being an owner-operator requires having money up front to buy and insure a truck, but the freedom to work where, when, and with whoever is appealing to many people. To be an owner-operator is to be your own boss. Often, an owner-operator will earn more money upfront but take on more risk. If their truck breaks down they’re responsible for fixing it, or if they get sick and they’re out of work they have no one to cover their contracts. 

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