Denver: 500+ Days Without An Injury

Matheson is proud to announce that as of February 10th, our Denver Terminal has gone 500+ days without an injury! Greg Karner is at the helm of the terminal that operates with the highest number of injury-free days and we asked him what he attributes this success to. “Constantly telling the drivers not to take risks and take their time to make sure they are always thinking safety because they are more important than getting a load delivered,” he tells us. As a thank you for such an exceptional safety record Joshua and Mark Matheson gifted Greg a customized Matheson knife.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our employees who continue to work with one another to help us achieve several milestones in work and safety day in and day out. Such an accomplishment reflects Matheson’s commitment to health and safety as one of our core values company-wide, and we could not be more proud of the fantastic team we have in Denver.