Do Truck Drivers have your dream lifestyle? Probably!

Do you ever wonder who is behind the wheel of those trucks on the highway?  

You ask yourself, who drives those things? Why would someone want to drive a truck for a living? Why drive a truck for long periods of time? Don’t those people get lonely? Isn’t it boring? Why not get a job anywhere else? Why trucking? 


If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions above and might be interested in how you could become one of those people, then this post is for you. Learn more about who fits the truck driver lifestyle and why it might be your dream job.  


  1. Routine or freedom of the road, you decide. 


You have to keep in mind when you say truck driver how many different kinds of truck drivers there are. There are delivery drivers that come home every night or long haul truckers that are gone for 3 weeks at a time. Some are company workers that drive the same route every day, and some are contractors, picking and choosing what job, schedule, and/or route they want to take. Truck driving is flexible that way – so you can decide what your routine will be. But one thing stays the same, the truck. 


  1. Safety Oriented 


Trucking requires a commitment to being safe, from maintaining safety procedures hitching and unhitching loads, driving safely on the road, to putting on tire chains in snow. It’s for the detail and safety oriented. It’s for those who can do well on their own and make sure they can handle any unsure situation, they can handle it. 


  1. Independent Worker 


Some thrive working on teams and some don’t. Truckers are those who like and enjoy working by themselves or with a selected person if they’re a team driver. Not that truck drivers never work with others, but the bulk of the time they’re working alone.  


If you’ve ever desired any of the three things above in a career, then perhaps being a truck driver would be a good career for you.