HOS Logs

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the main federal government agency responsible for creating regulations for buses and commercial vehicle companies to reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths on the road involving large vehicles.


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One of the ways the FMCSA keeps the highways safe is by implementing the requirement for all drivers to adhere to Hours of Service regulation and complete Hours of Service Logs. For almost 23 years, the FMCSA has worked diligently to keep the highways safe. Truck driving can be a dangerous and isolating job, which is why HOS logs and regulations are so important.  

Rest is Important 

Obviously, a driver who is not properly rested could pose a danger to themselves and others. Commercial vehicle accidents on the highway can result in injuries, and death of the driver (as well as the drivers of other vehicles involved), and can cost millions of dollars in damages and lawsuit filings. This is why the FMCSA was established as a separate administration within the Department of Transportation in January of 2000.   


All commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to keep a log of their time in the trucks driving and not driving, along with a ten-hour rest period per eight hours of cumulative drive time. There are a few exceptions including short-haul exemptions for drivers that stay within 150 air miles of their truck terminal which allows for a fourteen-hour work day. There are also a few exceptions regarding bad weather conditions as well as sleeper berth provisions. Those exceptions and any other information about HOS Logs and FMCSA rules and regulations can be found here 

America Relies on You 

The United States relies heavily on the work that truckers do. Whether we know it or not, we also rely on them to get proper rest to keep America moving and keep the roads safe as they do it. So next time you see one out on the open road, maybe say thank you with a friendly smile and a wave.   

Matheson is Hiring 

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