Matheson Core Values: Excellence

Matheson is one of the top mail carriers contracted by the United States Postal Service. We work from coast to coast twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, to ensure that the American people get their mail on time. We run a tight ship. Our schedules, given to us by the postal service, are so regimented that we pay our drivers, not by the hour, not by the mile, but by the minute.

Matheson Denver

The Demands of Excellence

This scale of work and scheduling demands that we run on time, and work proactively to allow for unforeseen circumstances like foul weather, highway traffic, safety hazards on the road, or even just lots of waiting at the dock. Our material handlers need to prepare for lots of volume on the dock, working around lots of different people, lots of moving parts and equipment, and other factors that could be safety issues if one does not stay vigilant. Our maintenance staff and diesel technicians need to be prepared with the proper parts and knowledge to fix and maintain our fleet in a safe and timely manner. The work our team members do all contributes to the success of Matheson as a whole.  

Counting on Each Other

With so much at stake every day, and so many team members counting on each other to get the job done, we have to run excellently. This means we strive for the best in all things. We need to get things done safely and effectively in a timely manner. We work together proactively to stop possible problems before they occur. We feel it is important to train our team members to work together efficiently with excellence rather than perfection. Perfection is more of a pass/fail type goal in our estimation, while excellence encourages each one of us to show up every day and do our best. Even if something goes wrong, we get up, dust off, and get back at it. This shows our customer how dedicated we are to supporting

their goal as well as countless Americans waiting on their mail. The more each of us shows up every day with this attitude, the more we can grow together knowing that we are all working toward the same goal.  

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