Matheson Core Values: Respect  

Matheson is an award-winning, nationally recognized postal contract carrier that hauls, handles, and sorts the mail. The work our team members do is important and their commitment to our core values of Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence ensures that the mail is delivered safely and on time. As a trusted partner to United States Postal Service, the work our team does is an integral part of keeping the American people connected.  

The Importance of Respect

We believe that everyone, no matter what age, level of employment, or experience, should be treated with respect and dignity. If you are a part of the team at Matheson, whether you are a CDL truck driver, material handler, forklift operator, diesel technician, lead supervisor, recruiter, security guard or manager, we believe in speaking to everyone the same way we would speak to the CEO or President. This core value of ours takes practice and no one is perfect at it every day, but little changes every day lead to large-scale company culture changes over time.  

It is important for a driver to speak to and treat postal officials and dock workers with respect just as it is important for a terminal manager or lead to treat each driver with respect. Are we always going to get the same respect and treatment from those around us? Of course not. The more we work to emulate this kind of treatment of each other, the more this kind of culture will spread to impact the company, as well as those in our community.  

If you work in this industry, then you know what it is like to have a rough day in the truck or on the dock, or in the shop. So next time you encounter someone who treats does not treat you with respect, we encourage you to choose respect anyway in your response. It might just make their day and encourage them to pay it forward.