Matheson Health Tips: Macronutrients (Part 1)

This week Lauren Matheson, Manager of Promotions and Public Relations at Matheson, gives us advice on fitting healthy nutrition into your life.

Those who have followed Matheson’s health tips so far know that I am all about fitting healthy nutrition into your life as smoothly as possible.¬†However, will changes need to be made to reach your health and fitness goals? Of course.

First things first, pay attention to how much of each macronutrient you are eating on a regular basis. That means protein, fat, and carbohydrates.¬†If you’re looking to clean up your nutrition habits, I suggest a food tracking app. I’m not asking you to track calories. Most food tracking apps like MyFitnessPal have a setting to track macronutrients only, which I highly recommend.

This month we will be looking into each macronutrient to give you a better idea of how to eat mindfully.

Stay tuned this month as we learn a little bit more about each macronutrient and its functions.

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