October Employee Spotlight: Dena Kenny, Director of Flight Operations

Matheson is proud to showcase Dena Kenny, as our Monthly Employee Spotlight for October. 


Dena is the Director of Flight Operations and plays a crucial role in the Matheson team. We had the honor of sitting down and interviewing, through our conversation, we discovered her journey with the company, the aspects of her role that she finds fulfilling, and her valuable insights about Matheson that she believes everyone should be aware of.


When did you start working at Matheson?

“I began my career with Matheson in September 2020.”

Can you tell us a little bit about why you were interested in working at Matheson in the first place?

“I am someone who likes to challenge myself, and I knew that it was time to branch out. I knew just a little about Matheson, and there was an opening for a Station Manager so I called and asked if I could see the operation. Once I saw the operation, I knew that I could add value so I applied for the position, and 3 years later…here we are!”

Wow, that’s great! Could you share with us what motivates you to keep working with Matheson?

“I absolutely love the people that I have been so fortunate to work with and the opportunities that I have had. I am in a place where my contributions, knowledge, and abilities are respected.”

I am interested in learning more about your role at Matheson. Could you tell us more as to why your position is significant to the company?

“I am Director of Flight Operations. Good management and leadership are so important to any and every operation. In my position, I get to help develop management and leadership skills in others, as well as processes that lead to success. And, I’m a fixer…I see an issue, and it gets my mind going (How can we improve short term/long term? How/what can we learn from this? Who can we involve? How can we grow?) I love good before and after.”

What is one thing you think everyone should know about Matheson?

“Matheson is a company that cares. We care to get it right for our customers as well as our employees.”

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us Dena! 

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