Pre Trip Inspection


As a Class A CDL driver driving a tractor-trailer, there is a lot to think about while out on the open road.


The last thing you need to be worried about is vehicle maintenance issues, which are a leading cause of accidents. At Matheson, our main goal is the safety of our drivers and other motorists. This is why our drivers, terminal managers, and lead drivers put so much emphasis on conducting a proper pre-trip inspection before every shift.


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Worth the Time

A proper pre-trip inspection can be done in as little as seven minutes when done safely and efficiently. This includes a starting point at the driver’s side door and ending at the same spot after a complete walk around the truck while checking all important points along the way.

What Goes Into Pre-Check

Some of the most important parts of the truck to check include tires including tire pressure and tread wear, mudflaps, brake components, mirrors lights reflectors, and turn signals. Check for any rust or decay on nuts, bolts, and rivets. Make sure to test all engine lights including headlights, tail lights, and emergency flashers. Once the hood is safely opened, it is important to check the oil levels, windshield washer fluid, etc. Inside the cab, check for the proper function of all engine lights, and parking brakes. When getting into and out of the truck it is important to remember to use three points of contact at all times. This means that each hand and at least one foot in contact with the truck at all times to avoid slipping and falling, especially in adverse weather conditions.  

The Matheson Control Center

This form of pre-trip inspection is meant to maximize safety and efficiency, so any truck damage or issues that could cause potential safety issues need to be called into the Matheson Control Center (MCC) immediately. For more information on the proper Matheson pre-trip inspection, click here to watch our exhaustive how-to video!  

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