Truck Drivers Share Their Love for the Job on Social Media

Truck driving can be a very lonely job. Social media has stepped in to fill some of that gap in human interaction, and with other people around the world who understand our profession and the rigors of our job.

This is a quote from Matheson’s own Alli Brooks, a TikTok star in her own right. Alli is not alone, there are many amazing truck drivers using social media to connect with each other, and the rest of society. 

Truck drivers have taken the opportunity social media offers to connect with the world and share their stories. Alli explains, “The global community will get a diverse and interesting perspective from a group of people who have seen more of the country and sometimes the world than most people ever will.”   

The following is a list of drivers to follow: 

@clarissarankin: TikTok, Instagram

Clarissa is a driver out of NC who represents and exemplifies the best of female drivers in this industry. Her platform is inspiring, motivational, and educational all while adding her own personality and humor to her content. She has over 1.7 million followers on TikTok and over 100,000 on Instagram which has led to many opportunities to represent female drivers across the world. She was recently invited to the Mercedes’ headquarters in Germany to compete in a competition with their new tractors.    

@chasebarber: TikTok

 Chase is a Canadian log truck driver with an inventive spirit and traditional trucking values. He and his team in BC have recently created a diesel-electric hybrid semi-truck to bridge the gap between diesel tractors and all electric tractors. By maximizing diesel efficiency and combining it with the torque strength of electric drives he is working to progressively minimize the effect of transportation on the environment while maintaining the ability to meet the demand of the market.   

@hatermade: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram

Jacob Boham is a professional driver who also competes in truck shows regularly. His content appeals to the cool side of the industry where we get to see beautiful and creative custom tractor/trailer set ups compete car show style for awards based on custom work in many different divisions. Large car enthusiasts will appreciate his page.  

@ogtruckboss: TikTok

With almost 90k followers on tiktok, OGTruckBoss is a beloved member of the trucking community. She showcases personal work on all her trucks with a smile and a great soundtrack. She enjoys the work she does on and for her fleet of flatbeds. This is a great feel-good account to watch for the simple joy of the driving profession.  

And last but certainly not least our very own Alli Brooks: 

@allipants406: TikTok

Alli Brooks enjoys making new friends and entertaining people with the curious and funny things she runs across in a day. She also uses her TikTok presence to have meaningful conversations globally broadcast about important issues and their effect in the trucking industry. Her wish is that the public knows that drivers, while sometimes a bit gruff and ruff around the edges, care for them. “We make every single decision under the weight of their safety and provision. We take our responsibility to the public very seriously. And sometimes we just need a small gesture of kindness to remind us that we are seen and cared for in return.” 

Thank you to Alli Brooks for her contributions to this blog, and to Matheson. 

Which drivers do you follow? Let us know in the comments!