What do Material Handlers do?

Consider how the mail moves, and how packages are shipped from one place to another. It is easy to believe that your Christmas orders moved from a warehouse to a truck, to a plane, to another truck, then to a smaller van, and straight to your door. However, there are a few steps in between that are crucial to this process. 


Though each station handles things differently, here is an example of how the mail moves through a Terminal Handling Service. When packages are unloaded from a plane, they are unloaded in large metal bins, then Material Handlers move the packages from these to slightly smaller containers that are then shipped to the next leg of their journey.  

Packages aren’t the only material that material handlers sort. There are also millions of letters and envelopes sorted and moved at the Surface Transfer Centers or STCs. This is accomplished with material handlers and large sorting machines, forklift operators, and again, large metal bins. 

Watch our video on the Day in the Life of a Material Handler for more clarity. 

Ryan, a lead Material Handler in Oakland says, “Working with Matheson is great. The pressure of having to get the mail out on time, I like to work with my hands and it’s also a workout. There are two operations in our warehouse, an am shift and a pm shift. Sometimes it might get hectic with the mail that comes in, but it’s pretty fun. We crack jokes and talk to each other. I hear it all across the warehouse, people laughing and joking. It’s a pretty cool job.”

Matheson is an award-winning, nationally recognized carrier that hauls, handles, and sorts the mail. The work our team members do is important and their commitment to our core values of Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence ensures that the mail is delivered safely and on time. As a trusted partner of the United States Postal Service, you will be an integral part of keeping the American people connected. 

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