Why a 24 Hour Control Center Makes a Difference in Trucking

A 24-hour control center makes a huge difference in the world of trucking. Matheson boasts an internal control center known as the Matheson Control Center or the MCC. We are happy to introduce you to this all-important department.  

What makes the Matheson Control Center different from other trucking companies? 

  1. Support and accountability. The MCC takes responsibility for the information given to drivers in the moment. The team will find an answer for you.
  2. The MCC is not an after-hours/call center. There is no script. The Control Center is peopled by trained employees that have been in the transportation/dispatch field that come with that background knowledge.
  3. The MCC controls, monitors, and tracks the system itself.
  4. The Matheson Control Center is available 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year. The team is always available. Their job is to be here for you. 



What do we wish drivers knew about the MCC? 

  2. The MCC cares for the safety, health, and wellness of drivers.  
  3. Many of our MCC team members are past drivers or even 911 dispatchers. 
  4. The MCC does not spend the day and night watching drivers on the monitors.  They ONLY look at the video when prompted by a harsh event, accident, etc. 
  5. The MCC team are not the boss. They manage the situation and provide support. The MCC does not make routes or day of decisions.   
  6. The MCC team are not mechanics. They have basic (some more than others) knowledge and don’t run the shops. 
  7. They don’t have specific team members assigned to certain terminals/contracts. They are responsible to know about all of them.  

What are the goals of the MCC for this peak season? 

  2. 100% ON-TIME deliveries to the Post Office 
  3. Keep the mail moving 

The Matheson Control center has a variety of other duties and responsibilities on top of those listed above. An internal call and control center such as Matheson’s ensures a safe and on-time delivery service to our customers. It also ensures that equipment and drivers comply with DOT and company safety regulations. They are responsible for disseminating accurate and timely information to the field while providing decision-making support.  

That includes performance, cost controls, and maximizing the utilization of drivers and equipment. The MCC actively and efficiently monitors a 24/7 multi-line telephone system, responding to incoming calls from drivers and postal service operations. They take phone calls from drivers with mechanical problems and assist in getting them going again through interaction with the maintenance department.  

Simultaneously, they monitor all road conditions, breaking the MCC into “areas” so all areas the MCC serves has at least one person monitoring the highway and conditions while contacting any driver in that area(s) to alert them.  In addition, they put messages into the Samsara system to alert drivers of recurring hazards. MCC team members have in-depth knowledge of all contracts and look for opportunities to improve operations. They interact with field managers providing them with guidance and potential problems as well as improvement opportunities.