Why Team Drivers Love What They Do

It’s a Way of Life 

Truck driving is known as a lonely job. Though it is made less lonely when a driver travels with a partner. This is known as “team driving” and for some over-the-road drivers, it makes all the difference. Often, team drivers become friends outside of work, interacting socially with each other’s families. As such, teaming up with an enjoyable companion can be a great way of life. Read on for more information about the benefits of truck driving as a team. 

Matheson Salt Lake City

More Money 

Team drivers typically enjoy a 20% higher pay rate compared to solo drivers. Though not everyone is made for this type of driving, many team drivers wouldn’t have it any other way. At Matheson, both drivers are paid for all hours they are on the clock together. Some companies split pay a fifty-fifty which is not as profitable.  



Drivers who ride with a companion have less to worry about when it comes to safety and security. Team-Drivers are able to watch each other’s backs and equipment while solo drivers must be more vigilant. With a team, the truck and load need not be left unattended. Often, solo drivers are compelled to stay in a hotel arranged by the company. Team drivers need only switch off with their co-pilot to sleep in the bay of the tractor. 


Team Drivers at Matheson 

Matheson is hiring team drivers in a variety of locations across the United States. Positions are currently available in Highland, California, and Spokane, Washington. Visit DriveMatheson.Com to learn more about the benefits enjoyed by Matheson team truck drivers.  


Our Driver Benefits 

  • Exclusively hauling US Mail 
  • Dedicated runs + 10 Company Holidays 
  • 24×7 Call Center Support + On-Site Mechanics 
  • Benefits Package including Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, and PTO 
  • Wellness Benefits 
  • Gym Reimbursement 
  • Cell Phone Discount 
  • Legal Shield 
  • And more!